26 October 2009

Stranger comments

I've apparently reached the point in my pregnancy where people who don' t know me are confident that I'm actually pregnant and not just oddly chubby. I got my first baby comments this past weekend from strangers.

First was at the checkout at Whole Foods when I told the cashier I didn't need help carrying my one bag of groceries and a gallon of milk to the car. Her response: "Are you sure that baby isn't going to pop out if you do that?"
I appreciate the concern, however I managed to carry the same items around the store in a basket as I was shopping and there is obviously no baby yet.

The second came at church last night. I was heading up to the old Warehouse location to get some Bibles and I passed several people on their way to the community dinner. I heard a cackling laugh and "That lady has a baby under her shirt"... I just smiled and continued.

I must admit that I am going to have to restrain myself from answering pregnancy comments with "Actually, I'm just fat..." even if watching peoples responses would be highly amusing. Similar to when Matthew and I were dating and people would ask if we were serious... my usual response was "Nope. We're just fooling around".
I'm also working on a response strategy for when strangers start trying to touch my belly. Maybe some stealth ninja moves. If I don't know you and you try to touch me, there may be some karate chopping.

On a totally different note, I finally saw baby movement! I was laying on the couch reading and all of a sudden my belly jumped. I've been feeling movement for a few weeks now but it was decidedly strange to have parts of my body move without any input from me. Mini must be practicing for soccer or ballet in there.


  1. he's gonna be a soccer player... he is!

  2. When Nana was pregnant with Dad, a lady walked up to her in the grocery store and put her hand on Nana's stomach. Nana was uncomfortable, so when the lady asked, "Do you know what you're having?", Grandpa answered, "Yes, ma'am. A cocker spaniel."
    She quickly stopped touching Nana and walked away disgusted. It's no karate chop, but...

  3. I think you should just tell people you've got gas.


  4. Just rub their bellies in return! :-D


On that thought...

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