23 December 2009

Week 34

How far along? 34 weeks
Total weight gain:
34 pounds.
The last few nights haven't been too bad, thankfully.
Yep. Especially during Christmas Caroling... the baby was objecting me using my diaphragm to sing.
Best Moment this week: when Matthew sang a bit of a solo at the caroling party on Monday night and it made the baby dance.
What I miss: People having verbal censors. Just because I'm pregnant doesn't mean you can say anything you want to me.
What I am looking forward to:
Opening Christmas gifts! Matthew has this crazy idea that packages that arrive in the mail still have to wait to be opened until Christmas...
Weekly Wisdom:
Chocolate Christmas tree ornaments from Trader Joe's are delicious.
Milestones: We are next in line to have a baby! Yay!


  1. Christmas packages that arrive in the mail from family must wait until Christmas. Christmas packages that arrive in the mail from friends can be opened right away. And no, you can't just call your family "friends" to get to open the packages sooner! :)

    By the way. I bought Mini something yesterday. It's so cute!!

  2. Crazy Munsons with their crazy ideas about Christmas packages. :-P

  3. Hey. You're a Crazy Munson now. And you're spawning a Crazy Munson. You'd better get used to it. :)

  4. I'm gonna change this organization from the inside...

  5. Ah! But I have changed your insides. MWUHAHAHAHA!


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