19 April 2010

Two Months Old!

Dear Evelyn,

I wanted to post this two days ago but you keep Momma very busy. I just wanted to let you know a little about yourself at this ripe old age...
  • You have a beautiful grin. And you smile whenever we tell you that you're beautiful.
  • You love bath time. Every night at 9, we plop you in the tub and you smile and coo. It doesn't matter that you may have been crying just moments before. You are an excellent splasher, too. We keep your tub on the dining room table and you always manage to soak the whole table. And Momma and Daddy. You don't like the hoods on your towels- you cry if we try to put them on your head.
  • Your favorite toys right now are a rattle from Great-aunty K, a giraffe from Grandma M and a frog from Grandma P. You're not quite sure what to do with the rattle yet but it does intrigue you. You'll hold onto it but you don't seem to realize that you are. It's great for Momma or Daddy to shake though. The giraffe and frog give you kisses at diaper change time. They're super soft and you love to feel them on your face and tummy.
  • You don't enjoy diaper changes but you do like being naked and you really enjoy your changing table. Sometimes we'll even move the changing pad to other places in the house so you can lounge on it in your birthday suit.
  • At your last checkup, you weighed 12 pounds and were 23.5 inches tall. You are wearing mostly 3 month sized clothing but it won't be long before we have to switch to the 3-6 and 6 month sized clothing. Your cloth diapers are a bit bulky so you need clothing that is larger than you otherwise would.
  • You are an avid talker... especially with Momma. We have conversations all day long. You even talk in your sleep! Right now you can coo and gurgle and make breathy laughs. No belly laughs yet but I'm sure those are coming soon.
  • Ever since you were born you have loved to be outside. I can't count the number of times you've been fussing, because you're tired but can't figure out how to go to sleep, and the moment you're outside, your eyes close.
  • You can tell if someone is sitting or standing while rocking you. Most of the time, sitting just won't do. That's okay though- Momma still has some weight to lose from when she was pregnant with you.
  • Speaking of sitting and standing- you love to do both! You still need help to balance but you are a very strong little girl. We like to joke that you'll be walking by 4 months.
  • One of my favorite parts of being your mom are watching you sleep when you're done nursing. You snuggle in my arms and smack your lips. Sometimes you reach up and play with your hair. Or cover your face with your forearm.
You've finally settled in to sleep so your Momma is going to take advantage of that and get some sleep herself! We love you and we're so excited to meet the person you're going to become.


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