18 May 2010

3 Months Old!

Dear Evelyn,

Three months seems like they've flown by in the blink of an eye- you are no longer a tiny newborn. You interact with the world and people around you. You are such a wonderful little person, with a sweet voice and an infectious giggle.
  • You still adore bath time. If you are feeling grumpy, it always cheers you up. You laughed for the first time when we took you out of your bath. We placed you on the towel in daddy's arms and you giggled. So we bounced and danced around as a family, delighting in listening to you. Now we do that every night after bath time.
  • You become quite the talker. The lamp over the dining room table is a good friend, as is the cute baby in the mirror... you chat up a storm with both of them. Ooo's and aaa's and a bit of owl-y whoo-ing.
  • You have rediscovered your thumb. We saw you sucking away at the late ultrasound visits while we were awaiting your birth and you continued to enjoy it for your first two weeks. Then you gave it up. Now you snuggle into Momma's shoulder and pop the thumb in your mouth to put yourself to sleep. You use your other arm to hug Momma's neck. Sometimes at night you wake up and talk to yourself and suddenly there is a loud sucking noise emanating from the hammock as your thumb finds it way to your mouth.
  • When Daddy puts you to sleep, he uses the 'Daddy Swaddle', using his arms to enclose you and keep you snug while allowing you free movement of  your arms.
  • You've been sleeping 7.5-8 hours at night. You fall asleep in Momma or Daddy's arms (usually Momma's) and after about an hour, we lay you in your hammock. Generally you go to sleep between 11pm and 12am and wake up at 7:45
  • Your neck takes some effort to keep clean because you are a healthy roly-poly baby and sometimes you get milk under your chin chub.
  • You are wearing some 3 month clothes but you are starting to wear 6 month outfits because you are a tall baby girl!
  • You love to watch the TV show 'Friends' and you laugh when Chandler tells jokes.
  • Your hands are the best toy right now! They are great to watch, for grabbing clothing, for chewing on. Especially for chewing on! Sometimes when you are about to nurse, you get really excited and put your fists in your mouth. You also have started holding onto toys like your rattle and soft baby doll.
  • You love listening to Momma sing. Daddy, however, sometimes makes you cry! We think it's because his deep voice startles you. You love his talking voice though and will fall asleep in his arms to the sound of it. You also enjoy chatting with him on the telephone and can't figure out how that little device sounds just like Daddy.
We love you, dear sweet baby girl. As excited as we are to meet the person you're going to become, I'm going to miss little Evelyn.  I hope that you will always have laughter in your eyes and a smile on your lips. And now, while you're still so small, I'm going to enjoy the snuggles and the wiggles and milk breath smiles.



    1. This post almost made me cry! What a sweet girl, and what a sweet Momma. I'm so glad she'll have this record of your thoughts when she's older.

    2. I love this Beckie, what a great way to record her growth and your thoughts.


    On that thought...

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