02 May 2010

These are a few of my favorite things...

I'd originally planned on doing a top 10 list and reviews for my favorite baby and momma items. Then I realized that post would rival my birth story in length... so I've decided to do a quick list and do full reviews in coming posts.

For baby:
  • Blessed Nest Nursing Pillow- Our most useful item. We use it everyday for nursing and for support while holding Evelyn. Also makes a great laptop pad. Made from buckwheat hulls and organic cotton.
  • Fisher Price Infant-to-Toddler Rocker- this is the reason Momma can take showers.
  • Moby Wrap Organic- the best way to put a tired girl to sleep and still have two hands to check email... plus is provides some relief to arms and shoulders. A bit warm for So Cal weather but I've gotten so real mileage out of this wrap. The wrap spreads the weight out across your shoulders and back, making life much more comfortable.
  • Pikkolo Baby Carrier- great for Dad's and for shopping trips. Quicker to put on than a wrap.
  • NoseFrida and Little Noses Saline Spray/Drops- makes snot removal virtually pain-free and oh so easy.
  • Aden & Anais Muslin Swaddle Blankets- incredibly soft and lightweight. Larger size makes swaddling a breeze. They also come in adorable prints that are the envy of all the other mommas :)
  • Uppababy Vista Stroller- rides like a dream. I think Daddy likes driving as much as E likes riding. Comes with a bassinet and stroller seat. Optional additional attachments include an adapter for infant car seats and a rumble seat for a second child.
  • Thirsties and Bummis Cloth Diaper Covers- the double gussets on the Thirsties prevent diaper blowout and come in great colors. The Bummis (sz. S 8.5-15lbs) have a larger leg opening so they'd be great for a newborn with chubby thighs (which E didn't have) or as an in-between cover for the transition between XS (6-12lbs) and S(12-18lbs) Thirsties. 
  • Under the Nile baby clothing, esp. kimono style bodysuits and bunting- fair trade Egyptian cotton goodness.
  • Miyo Baby Hammock- space saver and beautiful design in one. Allows us to have E right next to our bed. She prefers sleeping next to Momma but she'll do her first few hours of sleep in the hammock quite comfortably.
  • Fisher-Price Rainforest Melodies Gym- a fun interactive playtime favorite. Best features are a nature sounds music track for when baby songs are getting tiresome and a machine washable base mat.
    For mom:
    • CVS Pea ice pack- a blessing for a sore bottom
    • Gerber Nuk Hot/Cold packs- eases engorgement discomfort.
    • Ameda Hydrogel pads- bliss for sore nipples.
    • Boob singlets- top half of the shirt can lift for easy access. Surprisingly discreet looking.
    • Bravado Body Silk seamless nursing bras- I live in these. Stretchy enough to deal with engorgement and lightweight material dries quickly if I leak during the night and am too tired to change.
    • Milkstars nursing shirts- amazing double layered shirts... looks like a normal tee but when you lift the outer layer there is a full layer underneath with openings under the arms for nursing access. I've got the 2 Jenny's and a Michelle. Next I'm hoping for the Rachel and the Suzy.
    • Jane's Plus Cup Nursing Bra- great for sleeping, esp. if you need to wear nursing pads 24/7.
    • Avent Eco-Friendly Disposable nursing pads- for when you don't want to do tons laundry because an oversupply of milk.
    • MomShop.com Daytime Cotton nursing pads- incredibly soft and the best all-cotton pads I found (thanks Aunt Katy!) as far as preventing leakage. They also have thicker nighttime pads that will be my next investment.
    • Cloth Diaper Service- sounds like it should be under baby, right? Sure, having nice soft cotton against a bottom is a boon for baby. Service means that Mom and Dad can enjoy a diaper rash-free baby without having to deal with crap. Literally. Just drop the dirty diaper in the pail, no rinsing required. Fresh diapers are delivered weekly and the dirties are toted away. Best of all- the service costs less than what it cost to do brand-name disposable diapers.
    • Bebe Au Lait nursing cover- a must have for nursing in public. Allows easy line of sight for mom while keeping the goods hidden. Because I don't want people to be jealous of my amazing knockers... ;)
    Well, I've got to get to bed... E is snoozing in her hammock and I should get some sleep before her next meal. Keep an eye out for more in-depth reviews on some of the items I mentioned... just keep in mind it may take a little while since I'm usually typing one-handed!

    Sweet dreams all!

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