04 August 2010

Accidental Adventures...

Daddy and E checking out the atmosphere.
We had some good exploring this weekend. Saturday morning found us searching for a place for breakfast. It was Grandma M's last morning in town and we wanted to make the most of it. Daddy spaced out while driving and missed our usual restaurant. Eventually we made it into Old Town and while trying to find a parking space, we passed a great little cafe tucked around a quiet corner.
What a great find! Delicious food in a lovely spot. Load-bearing common bond brick walls, reinforced by well proportioned I-beams. But the architect in me digresses...
I enjoyed ebelskivers- blueberry stuffed pancakes, breakfast sausage, fresh fruit, and fresh squeezed orange juice in a mason jar.

Daddy and Grandma enjoyed croissant sandwiches of over easy eggs, bacon, tomato tapenade and aïoli with a side of sweet potato home fries.

E enjoyed breastmilk.
We will definitely be making future visits to Elements Cafe.

Sunday night we planned to go to a member's evening at Huntington Gardens. Entry starts at 5:30 and we usually arrive around 5:45. This time, however, we arrived at 6:45. We never realized how popular these are because parking has never been a time. At 6:45, there were cars parked for a 1/2 mile in any direction from either entrance.
We gave up on finding a spot and decided to head home. San Marino is full of twisty, windy roads and we promptly got a bit lost. Suddenly, we passed a gorgeous park and thought maybe we could find an entrance.
That's how we ended up at Lacy Park. We trekked to a lovely rose garden and set up our picnic. I'm not gonna lie- we had McDonald's. We're food connoisseurs.
What?! I can't have fries?!
Roses are E's favorite flower and she had a blast seeing all the new blooms with Daddy.

We didn't expect to end up where we did this past weekend. That worked out for the best because we ended up discovering some fun new spots and we're now inspired to get "lost" more often.

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  1. Sometimes the accidental adventures are the best ones. Go find some geese! (Ask Matthew.)


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