01 September 2010

Mornings with the Dad

I stay home with Evelyn in the mornings while Beckie is at work. It's a fun time (usually) - Evelyn and I have the routine down pretty good now.

This morning, she settled in for her morning lap on my chest. I took the opportunity to snooze as well, since the house was clean and I haven't been sleeping well lately. About 11:15, I woke up as she stirred. I greeted her with a "How's my girl?!" as her eyes opened. She put her chubby little hand out and pressed it against my lips, then snuggled back into my shoulder. How very much like her mother... to not be ready for my "noise" instantly upon waking.

She didn't fall asleep again, but spent a couple of minutes just quietly waking up in my arms.

Good times.

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