27 October 2010

If Evelyn ruled the world:

I'm comin' to getcha...
  1. Clothes would not be worn. All naked baby. All the time.
  2. Bath time would happen two or three times a day, accompanied by 'Bath Time' by Sandra Boynton
  3. Momma and Daddy would let her play with the brick hearth. And the phones. And computers. And the computer cords. And those little fuzzles at the edge of the carpet.
  4. All surfaces would be mirrored. That little girl she sees sure is cute.
  5. None of the car seat business. She's not one to be strapped down.
  6. She's have her very own clutch to chew on when we're shopping. And she wouldn't have to give it Momma when it's time to pay the cashier.
  7. Food would be for making messes. And none of the gross peas, Momma. Gimme that delicious sweet potato!
  8. Who needs bedtime?
  9. Men would all be tall, with beards and glasses. Smooth-faced men are very concerning.
  10. Momma and Daddy would stop blocking the exits from the living room. She didn't come to rule the world confined to such a dull place!

1 comment:

  1. I love it! She is such an explorer. I can just imagine she doesn't like to be constrained in any way.


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