13 December 2010

Diapers are here...

Since E was born we've been using cloth diapers from a diaper service and the occasional disposable. Now that I'm staying home full time we're making the switch to cloth diapers. And I'm way more excited about it than a normal person would be. Here's some of our goods:
Pretty colors!
All contained.
Playing in the shipping box.
We've got the majority of the diapers cleaned (waiting on a diaper safe detergent for the rest) and started the 'christening'. Our diaper service last through this week so we've mainly been using those diapers in pretty new covers. Since we're in the process of preparing for our Christmas holiday we're trying to generate less laundry than normal.
Vintage cloth diapering! Lil Bro in the parachute pants.
Cloth diapering has come a long way from the time our parents (and their parents and theirs) used cloth diapers. There are a plethora of options- diaper pins and crinkly plastic pants are a thing of the past. There is the all-in-one diaper, the cloth answer the the disposable; hybrid systems that can snap in a biodegradable disposable or reusable insert to a diaper cover depending on your needs for the day; covers with 'pockets' for inserting a variety of doublers and soakers to customize your wetness protection. Alot of people are overwhelmed by the number of options but this is a situation in which I thrive. Most people know that I love to research and coming up with the top picks is what I do.

Needless to say, I'm excited about this. And, even though I know that diaper pins are not necessary any more, I was thinking that in order to truly dominate my new found hobby I should master some of the more mundane nuances involved. I remember having cute diaper pins as a child with heads shaped as animals and flowers and wanted to find some of my own.

I discovered two things:
  1. Fancy diapers pins are no longer produced due to lack of demand.
  2. Cartier used to make diaper pins. Like these:
Diamond and sapphire (source)
Coral with platinum inset diamond (source)
 What do ya think? Practical.

I'm in the process of creating blog pages covering baby gear, including cloth diapering. What questions do you have about diapers? What would you really like to see covered?

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