02 December 2010

We took a little trip to the Huntington Gardens for a members holiday event. Santa was going to be there so Momma thought E should get a chance to meet him. Wearing her special Christmas tights and bubble shorts, she looked just like a little elf.
Santa didn't go so well, however. After waiting in line for over an hour, the boy in front of us flipped his lid when it was his turn to meet the big guy. E doesn't do well with other kids crying. The moment she was handed to Santa the tears started up. I attempted to snap a quick picture to have something to show for our efforts only to discover my battery was dead. Our friends in line offered their camera but I was only able to snap a shot of E's back, with Santa behind her.
It's gotta be rough being Santa. He has to deal with crying little ones all day.
We cheered up when we got to the fountain at the end of the statue garden and this little video shows some of E's elf dance moves...

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  1. Every time I think she can't possibly get any cuter, she goes and does something like this. Love it!


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