27 February 2011

One Year Old!

Dear Evelyn,

An entire year has passed us by and you are still getting more awesome by the day. Your personality is blossoming and it has been a pleasure to watch. I'm not quite sure where the time has gone. I am positive it was only yesterday that you were learning to sit. And the day before that you were learning to roll over.
  • Scrunchy face and 7 teeth have combined into a delightful combination we like to call your "Toothy Grin". You flash it when you are being sneaky, find an item that you just love, or get compliments. Sometimes you flash it just because.
Toothy grin because Momma is singing 'Hot Stuff' to you.
  • You can make a noise that Momma and Daddy can't duplicate. Sounds like D'go but somehow you make it throaty and add a double tongue noise. 
  • You are very chatty with your Mamamamama and A-da (Momma and Daddy) and like when we make your noises back to you.
  • A few days before your first birthday you really figured out this whole walking thing. You took your first steps during the Christmas holiday but were too cautious to commit right way. If you were walking, you wanted one hand (at least) holding onto the couch (or a chair or Momma's leg, etc) for security sake. Occasionally you'd break away and take 4 or 5 steps before realizing you were on your own. Then you'd get nervous and sit down. Until a trip to the mall with Momma and Auntie N. Those racks of clothes were SO tempting. You couldn't help yourself. While Momma tried to find a pair of jeans to fit her still-post-partum booty, you discovered the joy of walking.
  • Shaking hands has become a pleasure of yours. As has head butting. That one's not as cute though.
  • A favorite game we play on the bed is called Flops. With a pillow behind you, Momma or Daddy will say flops. And you'll fall backwards onto the pillow. From a sitting position, of course, and always checking to make sure there is a pillow there. Or a pile of laundry. Whatever. You're adventurous, but not foolish.
  • You adore taking showers with your Daddy. You two have a whole routine involving 'soapy-soapy', where your rub your soapy hands together and then wash your face; 'washy-washy' or 'cleaning Daddy's chest'; and laughing your little head off when he shakes his head under the water spray.
  • You enjoy being able to feed yourself, as well as feeding others. Favorite eats include pouches of pureed fruits and veggies, cheddar bunnies, cheese, tortilla chip, pretzels, and apples. Breast milk is still your favorite. You make a funny laugh noise when you know you are about to have some.
  • Your hair sometimes has a mind of it own because Momma is not ready to cut it yet. And hair clips have a habit of being removed...
Is there something on my face?
  • You adore talking on the phone. In fact you have 4 fake phones you practice on. And when you don't have those handy, you use whatever you have: crackers, shoes, pizza crust, anything.
Hello, hello!
  • Momma is your best pal and sometimes you yell at Daddy for hugging her. Group hugs are much appreciated however.
  • Almost every time we go out, you are complimented on your eyes.
Love you, Dear Girl. Cuddle monkey. Senorita Poopy Pants. Face. Sweet Love.


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