06 October 2011


Dear Evelyn,

Your vocabulary is rapidly expanding and it has been amazing to watch.

At 12 months, you had about 8 words you used regularly, in addition to your signs.
At 18 months, you had about 20 words and would try to repeat many Mommy and Daddy said.

Some of your favorite words and phrases from the last 6 months include:
Uh Elp (Uh Oh Help)
No Way
Yesh, Yes or Yep
Okay and N'okay
Owies (Kitties)
Uppies (Puppies)
AniMoos (Animals)
Toot toot (Bird)
Tsoo (Zoo)
Booyah (usually accompanied by a hip thrust)
Eyes (and recently eyebah or eyebrow)
Poop (any bodily function)
Poo (Shampoo)
Tat Too Mommy (Thank you Mommy)

You will frequently jabber away in your own made up language but you do try to tell stories about your favorite things (at the moment this includes kitties, babies and puppies) by repeating the words you know.

You introduce Mommy (and sometimes Daddy) to everyone you meet. We practice pointing to Mommy, Daddy and Evelyn and saying names. You haven't said your own name yet. You refer to yourself as 'Me'.

Next I'm going to teach you to type so you can help Mommy keep up on your blog :)

Love you with all that I am,


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