24 November 2009

All in the details...

I was working on our birth preferences last night in preparation for childbirth class tonight. I probably spent a half hour going through Pantone colors to find just the right ones for the page accents. Because the labor and delivery nurses might judge me for using Pantone 578 C instead of Pantone 580 C.

Thinking about that this morning reminded me of the only two pregnancy nightmares I've had so far. Both had to do with design:

#1: I was in a serious panic (dreaming) because the ladies hosting our baby shower had decided to use the Marcel Breuer Cesca chair for seating at the shower and it was all wrong... I kept getting flashes of cane weaving that were strangely horrifying. I woke up scared and laughing. An odd combination.

#2: Our nursery was in the process of being set up but I couldn't find just the right all-glass nursery furniture. I went from store to store searching frantically. Because furniture made out of fragile materials is PERFECT for a nursery.

I wonder if Mini will be as much of a nerd as his/her mum. Can't wait to find out...

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  1. Next comes the dream that you can't give birth until you finish all of your brick drawings. Except you can't find your lead holder or Mayline.


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