11 November 2009

Week 28

How far along? 28 weeks
Total weight gain:
28.5 lbs. The dr. says I'm doing really well so I'm trying not to stress.
Maternity clothes?
I've recently discovered maternity spanx. Pure genius, I tell you!
More please!
Best moment this week:
Annie's panic attack as we realized we pulled into a full service gas station.
I think our baby has stealth mode. I ended up going in to see the dr. this afternoon because I haven't been feeling much movement lately and I felt no movement last night or this morning. When I hopped (figuratively speaking, of course) on the table for the ultrasound, I suddenly started feeling kicks. At least they were able to reassure me that the baby is doing great and give me some pointers on encouraging movement.
We'll find out when he/she gets here.
Labor Signs:
Nope. But Matthew kindly bought me a birth ball so I can get used to sitting on it before the Big Day.
Belly Button in or out?
Still in. But it's starting to hurt as it's stretching out.
What I miss:
Being able to get out of bed gracefully.
What I am looking forward to:
My mum is coming on Thursday! And then on Saturday, 3 lovely ladies are throwing us a baby shower to celebrate this little one! Very excited for a fun party! The forecast is 74 degrees and sunny.
Weekly Wisdom:
Don't wait until every dish in your house is dirty before doing the dishes. It turns into a huge mess.
Milestones: Mini is 2lbs 2oz and has eyelashes. I'm also officially in the third trimester!

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