21 December 2009

Baby Clothes....

We stopped by Macy's yesterday and wandered around the baby layette section. Matthew informed me that he is no longer allowed in baby clothing stores with a credit card because everything is too cute. I love how excited he is for Mini to arrive. We each picked out two outfits and it is so much fun to imagine our little one wearing them.

Now I've been stalking macys.com "oohing" and "aahing" over tiny sleepers. Pretty soon we're going to have a tiny person in our lives and that's terribly exciting!


  1. You can absolutely guarantee that once I know what colors to buy, that kid will have more cute clothes than you know what to do with. I've been holding off, but I can hardly wait!

  2. You could buy green, orange, red, brown, white, yellow... don't get too fixated on blue or pink. We're not even huge fans of pink.

  3. Most things still have a decidedly masculine or feminine bent, even if the base color is neutral. Don't worry. I'll be buying plenty when the time comes. :)


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