22 December 2009

Getting closer!

We just got an email from our good friends with a due date 5 weeks ahead of ours that they were about to head into the hospital because her water just broke! Yay!
If you have a minute and would be willing to send some prayers their way, I'm sure it would be appreciated! Specific things to prayer for could include labor kicking in without intervention (which can make labor more intense) as well as peace for both mom and dad so that they can be confident in their decisions during the labor.

This is also exciting because it means we're next! Matthew and I are ready to meet out little one. We've got a boy's name and maybe a girl's name picked out. We've got the car seat and diaper service taken care of. We've got cute little clothes and loads of baby goodies like shampoo and diaper cream. All we need now is our baby!

It's amazing to be so in love with a person we haven't even met yet. Every movement brings a smile to my face and we're constantly imagining what our little home will be like with this new addition. I think the baby is ready to meet us too- last night at a caroling party, Matthew sang a solo and it made Mini start dancing about, as if to say "That's my dad- isn't he great?!"

We're so close! I only have to drive to work 4 more times before leave starts. And then watch out world, I'm going to be nesting because I want everything to be just right for Mini. 6 weeks and 1 day until our due date!


  1. What's the maybe girl name? I haven't heard anything close to final, unless you mean the name you started the whole process with.

  2. Yay, Jon and Lena!!!

    I assume it still holds that once you decide for sure on the girl's name you're not telling so no one can dissuade you?

  3. Yep. It will be a secret. I've had enough of people telling me they don't like my name choices. If you've such an opinion on baby names, have your own kid!
    And it's not final yet. But we did come up with a name we both sort of agree on! Getting closer!


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