07 December 2009


I think I'm going to like being a dad. I had my first "dad" experience this weekend. I put together the bouncy seat on Sunday morning. It was "adult assembly required." After a cross-threaded screw and non-precision parts that needed to line up in a precision fashion, I was near swearing. I now appreciate my father more than I already did.

All in all though, it was fun to see it all together. It was fun to get the car seat too. One day soon, there's going to be a small Munson who will fit in those things! I like doing things for my soon to be offspring.

I'm also realizing that my family currently travels easily, albeit with additional sound effects (ugh, oof, sheesh, etc.). When Mini arrives, however, I am only beginning to realize the chaos that will ensue when we decide to go somewhere.

I'm sure the joy offsets the difficulties, though. This baby needs to come soon! I can't wait to meet it!

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