08 December 2009

Levels of Hotness

So when Beckie and I first started dating (probably even before that), I used to say, "Beckie Peel is wicked hot." I don't even remember why I started saying this, except that it was true.

Now that we're married, I have to say "Beckie Munson is wicked hot." That's because she's a Munson now. Except that I probably should change it to something like "Beckie Munson is molten hot." Being married to her has increased her hotness.

Now that she's pregnant, I look at her and think "Pure Magma baby. Pure Magma."

When she's officially a mom (with babe in arms), I think I will probably have to wear sunglasses all the time, not look directly at her, and probably wear big mittens to touch her. "Surface of the Sun" is the term I'll probably use.

If you haven't guessed. I like her. But shhh... it's a secret. I wouldn't want her to find out or anything. That would be embarrassing.

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  1. I'm so glad you like her. It would be really sad if you didn't.

    I think the Wicked Hot Beckie Peel stuff actually started when I was in Chicago for the weekend and someone wrote that on Beth & Beckie's dorm door whiteboard. They drew an awesome picture of her with wild hair and (I think) her Vegas shirt. Underneath, they wrote, "Beckie Peel is Wicked Hot." And the rest is history. :)


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