17 December 2009

Hospital Visit

We went for an "informational session" last night at Cedars Sinai. They usually do a tour of the maternity ward, but H1N1 fears have caused them to shut that down for a time.

A very nice RN met us and gave us a verbal tour and told us what to expect. We asked a bunch of questions and I think she was surprised at how knowledgeable Beckie and I were. The rest of the couples appeared as if they figured they would show up when they started labor and let the doctor tell them what to do. I was sad for them, because I don't think they realize the options and choices they have available to them.

Traffic was a bit of a hassle on the way out - made worse by my lack of LA driving experience. Beckie was patient with me, for which I was grateful. Luckily, the way out is not nearly as important as the way in!

Speaking of, during the session they mentioned bringing the car seat up to the room so that we could take our time getting Mini situated correctly in the seat. It was the first time I imagined bringing the baby home and it was a little stunning. I've imagined some of the labor/delivery and I've imagined having the baby at home... the fact that we'll go the hospital pregnant and leave with a baby hadn't quite sunk in yet. I got that rush like I did right before our wedding... am I sure about this? Then I realized I didn't have any choice, so I might as well enjoy it.

As a footnote, I was sure about marrying Beckie. Just in the moments before all the wedding excitement got started, I had to stop and do a little reality check, just to make sure I was all there for it instead of going through the motions with my brain turned off. Didn't want anyone (my wife included) to get the wrong idea. Likewise, I'm sure about having this baby. I just enjoy stopping to examine it every once in a while to make sure I'm ready when the time comes.

Ok. Back to work for me. Thanks for stopping by. If you can think of other creative ways to get our doctor wet (see below), feel free to suggest.

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