16 December 2009

Last childbirth class

Last night was our final childbirth class. We've been taking a Bradley method course for the past 10 weeks with Kathy Killebrew (http://www.bradleybirth.com/ndweb.asp?ID=K065). It's been an eye-opening experience... so many things I didn't know about babies being born!

So we've completed the "coursework" and are now prepping for the "final." Beckie's going to be a champ - I just know it.

It was weird to leave this group of people that we've spent the past couple months with. The funny thing is, I don't know anyone's name. It just wasn't important. We'll reconnect at the baby reunion, once everyone has delivered (we're last in terms of due date, but we'll see what happens). It's also weird to have met a group of women who I've only known to be pregnant. It will be strange to see them all with "normal" bellies.

Beckie's had trouble sleeping lately - I think she struggles with staying comfortable and heat management. Before pregnancy, she liked my hot Danish internal furnace. Now I think it's too much. We've got a couple more strategies to try - most of them involve me sleeping in the extra bedroom!

Keep watching for updates. The baby is growing quick now. December 30th we might have new ultrasound pictures - we'll have to see.

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