16 December 2009

quick funny story

We were talking with the doctor the other day about our preferences for labor and delivery. She mentioned that many of the rooms have tubs and all have showers. She also reinforced what we'd heard; laboring in the shower is very popular. We talked about different positions for Beckie to labor and push in, and she seemed cool with whatever we wanted to do. Her one request was:

"You're going to have to get out of the shower to deliver. My rule is, I don't get wet."

I thought it was funny. Part of me hopes that somehow during labor/delivery, the doctor ends up soaked. I don't know how it would happen, but it sure would tickle my funny bone.


  1. If nothing else, you could resort to a World-Series-locker-room-style celebration in which the doctor gets doused with champagne once Mini's finally delivered. :)

  2. I was thinking a water cooler full of Gatorade! :)

  3. Oh I know how! With my OB it involved my water breaking. :-D

    You could go that route, or if it is a boy then it will probably pee all over the doctor.

  4. Yeah. Beckie "sprayed" her midwife when she was born, too! We'll see what happens. I do like the water cooler idea. Although, since that's usually done to the coach, maybe I'll end up getting soaked.


On that thought...

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