14 January 2010

Dr. Appointment

Just got back from my doctors appointment and everything is going well. The baby's heartbeat was nice and strong. Our doctor was able to feel my belly and give an estimate on what size Mini is- right now she's guessing about 7 lbs, so right on the mark to be about 8 lbs at birth. It amazes me that she can do that because basically I can feel that my belly is round and hard... I can't pick out body parts. I also lost a pound- that makes me feel better about having gained 5 pounds in a single week at my last appointment. I'm hoping to keep my weight gain here at 40 lbs. It's amazing what cutting out a few desserts in a week can do!

My blood pressure was slightly high when I arrived but when they took it again before letting me go, it had dropped to where it should be. I'm guessing it was a bit high after walking past the De Beers window on the way to the office and seeing a gorgeous diamond necklace that probably costs more than my college education. I love having a doctor on Rodeo Drive. It makes me feel swanky. Even when almost every item I'm wearing today is from Target.


  1. I love it when I feel fancy. But a necklace with the label "Price upon application"... It's bad enough when you have to request it. But when they require an "application" to tell you the price, you know it's way out of your league. :)

  2. Your baby is going to think you're so fancy, giving birth in Beverly Hills. :)

    Glad to hear everything's good. I sent your Christmas presents yesterday, so you should see them early next week.

  3. Why don't you just get the earrings...they are ONLY $5,000 :)
    Can't wait to see Mini in your arms instead of your belly. Love, Grandma Olli


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