11 February 2010

Dr. Appointment

We went in for yet another appointment today- good news is the baby is in a much more favorable position for delivery: left anterior. That's exciting because maybe now the baby is ready to drop and get this show on the road! We're are more than ready to meet Mini... it's amazing how much you can love someone that you haven't even really met yet!

Mini's heart beat was good this morning, as was the flow in the umbilical cord and in Mini's brain. Yea... I got to see my baby's brain today. The amniotic fluid levels are still in the normal range but they are starting to drop off, which means the placenta is starting to age but not to the point where we should be worried yet. I had one little contraction while hooked up to the monitors and Mini was really sleepy so we had to wait a long time to get two good samples of baby movement.

Our ultrasound tech, an adorable French lady, showed us some 3D views of Mini's face and this little one has some seriously kissable cheeks and an adorable little mouth. She also informed us that we should watch out because we're going to have a long-legged blonde.

Our OB has scheduled an induction for Tuesday night, if Mini hasn't arrived by that point. That would give a birth date of February 17, which is the two week mark after our due date. We're praying that Mini comes sooner than that. I have been having some good contractions but they seem to go away when I go to bed at night. I told Matthew it's as if my uterus has no short term memory and forgets what to do when I go to bed. He didn't believe me that it could be a great movie, similar to "50 First Dates".

Anyway, it's great to know that the most we'll have to wait for this new little person to arrive is Wednesday... there is an end in sight! And then the real fun begins...

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  1. Big surprise on the long-legged blonde. :)

    I'm glad you're still doing so well. We might get a Valentine's baby after all! Although, the sooner the baby gets here, the better. I'm definitely not wishing for you to stay pregnant.

    That's great news about the position change, too! Maybe this kid is finally figuring it out. Keep it up, Mama. Almost there.


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