16 February 2010

This is it!

Tonight's the night!

We're going in at 10pm tonight to start an induction... which means that Mini should be here sometime tomorrow or Thursday! We're finally going to get to meet this kid!

I'm sure we'll have some updates from the hospital but, in the mean time, we'd appreciate prayers that things go smoothly, that the pitocin isn't too overwhelming and that we're able to get some sleep on little hospital beds!


  1. I'm so excited to know for sure this little one will be here soon. We have all been trying to be so patient! I'm praying for everything to go smoothly. I love you three!

  2. Good Luck Beckie! I hope you get plenty of rest with such a late night induction, and I hope you get the labor/delivery you've been hoping for! Can't wait to hear how it all goes!

  3. Good Luck Beckie and Matt!! We'll be praying for you 3!


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