08 February 2010

Past due...

We've started having two appointments every week to keep an eye on the quality of my placenta, the amount of amniotic fluid left and the health and well-being of Mini. We're both still healthy but Mini doesn't seem to want to cooperate - he/she has been head down since at least 28 weeks but refuses to face the right direction. Last week, Mini was in a left posterior position, which means that his/her spine ran along my left side and arms and legs were poking my right side. The preferred position, anterior position, is to have the spine along my stomach because this is how the baby best fits on the way out. I went through every technique I'd been taught to encourage this little one to turn into an anterior position, including going to the chiropractor. But at today's appointment, Mini had turned in the wrong direction and is now totally posterior (his/her spine is running along my spine) despite my best efforts. It's still possible to deliver a baby this way and there is still enough amniotic fluid for Mini to turn into anterior position but we'll see if that happens. If you wouldn't mind saying a little prayer that this little person starts to cooperate, that would be much appreciated by all parties. Delivering a posterior baby is harder both pain-wise and time-wise and we'd like to have Mini in our arms as soon as possible.

That said, I do have some good news in that I have had a contraction "on the record". At each appointment, they hook me up to monitors to show Mini's heartbeat and and any contractions I may be having. Up until now, Mini has performed amazingly while my uterus has been totally quiet. Today my uterus stepped up to the plate and, well, contracted. This made the doctor very happy, especially because Mini was happy even during the contractions. If Mini was starting to get stressed out by contractions it could have been a signal that my placenta was getting too old. Contractions are a sign that my body is figuring out what to do and it increases the likelihood that we won't need an induction.

Our doctor is scheduling an induction for early next week, however, as after the 42 week mark it becomes much more risky to wait for labor to kick in on it's own, but with any luck (and lots of prayer) Mini may be here before then.

We'll keep posting the news... hopefully soon we'll be able to share that Mini is here!


  1. I'm so glad to hear about the contractions. It's a really good sign. I'm praying for sanity for you, sweetie. Just a little bit longer, now.

  2. I still can't decide if it is weird that I read your blog or not - since you don't know me but Matt does! So my apologies if I'm being weird!

    I just wanted to say that my first two babies were both right-posterior and didn't turn until I was well into active labor. So don't give up hope on Mini! You guys will do great! Make Matt take you out for some pampering to help you relax and get your mind off of things. I think I once read a study about foot massage putting people into labor so maybe a pedicure is in order. ;-)

  3. You know, Bethany's right. And you do have a gift card that was specifically allocated for pampering. :) You should treat yourself, Mama.

  4. Mini, a massive, double barrel northeaster is approacing RI today. It is traditonal for New England/Alaskan babies to enter the world during a blizzard, so get on with it and give your Mom a break! Great Gram loves you and is praying for a happy meeting with your parents very soon.


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