18 June 2010

4 Months Old!

Dear Evelyn,

I'm sitting here, watching you sleep, and wondering how so much time has already passed. You're learning new things every day and it's amazing to see you changing before our eyes. My mum has been here for the past month to watch you in the mornings while I'm at work. We call her Grandma Curry because she likes having curry on her food!
  • Grandma Curry is one of your favorite friends now. You laugh best for her!
  • Your smile lights up your whole face when you wake up in the morning and when Momma or Daddy get home from work.
  • You have started rolling over onto your tummy. Most of the time you forget to move the arm you are rolling towards and you end up laying on it.
  • You are getting so strong- you love to stand up just holding onto Momma or Daddy's fingers.
  • You love to chew on things. You're pretty sure if somebody would let you chew on their nose that you'd enjoy it. You also enjoy chewing on your doll, Sophie the giraffe, the terry bunny, and your teething rings. The shoulder of anyone carrying you is also fair game.
  • Bath time is still a lot of fun. We tried taking you in the shower. That was okay but not as fun as the tub. You are getting to be big for your little tub so we'll be starting baths in the big tub soon.
  • You've started chewing on your thumb instead of sucking it. And it's normally used to fish-hook your cheek instead of being placed in the center of your mouth.
  • You sleep in the Moby wrap every Saturday at the Farmer's Market. Except last Saturday you fell asleep on the way there so you slept in the stroller instead.
  • You fit into 3-6 and 6 month clothes. But when it's really warm you hang out in just your diaper. Which is most of the time here in So Cal.
  • Daddy's beard is great fun- your little fingers burrow in and pat his cheeks.
  • You are great sleeper! You generally sleep from 9:30 or 10pm until about 4am, in my arms and then in your hammock. You nurse in bed with me in the early morning hour and then sleep next to Momma and Daddy in the big bed. Momma nurses you again before heading to work at 7:30 and you'll nap again until 9:30 sometimes! This, of course, changes frequently. The last few nights you've been waking up between 12-2am for a snack as well.
  • You are an outdoors girl who loves to watch the leaves blow around above your head. Roses are very exciting and hydrangeas are just okay.
  • You love to play pattycake on your back, with your feet.
  • You aren't a fan of tummy time. But tonight, on the day you turn four months old, you not only propped yourself up on your elbows but you also rolled from your front to your back. Go you!
Monday is your next doctors visit. We'll see how much you've officially grown.

Can't imagine life without you anymore.


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