14 June 2010


My favorite time of day happens at night. Some time between 3 and 5, E wakes up in her hammock. I hear her moving around and making little noises- time for early breakfast. I unsnap the end of the hammock, and lift her out, receiving sleepy eyes and sleepy smiles. I lay her down on the bed on her little blanket and she automatically rolls onto her side and waves her hands, excited that it's almost time to eat! Then it's time for me to cuddle in next to her. She latches on, eyes closed, as soon as Momma is in reach, hugging my chest with both little arms, little feet curled up against my belly. I fall back to sleep and, when her tummy is nice and full, E does as well. It's the best snuggle time and I know I'm going to miss it when she's done with nursing.

I do get to look forward to more sweet mornings like today, when I was awakened at 6am by soft, tiny, slightly sticky hands patting my face. I opened my eyes to see beautiful blue ones smiling back at me. ::sigh::

I love being a Momma.
Even at 6am.
It's nice to be reminded.

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