25 June 2010

Summer time

Summer time is barely begun and it's already getting hot here in Southern California. So E and Momma headed to the mall yesterday to take advantage of some free air conditioning. E traveled comfortably in her Moby wrap and the wide stretchy strap of the diaper bag proved to be an easy addition to my load. The strap just stretched out over my shoulder and E's back. We'll have to get a picture next time- we must have looked like we were having fun because a little girl commented to her mother:

"Mom, you should have another baby so you can carry her like that..."

E had a great time taking in all the new views. We looked at nail polish at Sephora, puppies at the pet store, and shorts at Old Navy before she decided it was nap time and rested her head on my chest to sleep. While E slept, I wandered all over the mall, perusing terrific sales. Learning to say 'no' to myself because baby clothes are just too ridiculously cute. Baby Gap proved to be my breaking point. Who can say no to an extra 40% off sale price? E needs clothes for next summer, right?!


So, among other things, E is now the proud owner of a pair of lavender harem pants (only $1.97) and an adorable bodysuit, which I had considered buying full price. Patience pays off yet again.

One of the best finds of the day was the women's lounge in Nordstroms. We were preparing to leave the mall and it was the tricky time when E may or may not decided to be starving on the drive home. Lo and behold, a women's lounge. The sign had a baby bottle on it. I'm assuming a breast icon would be a bit awkward. Enter to dimmed lights, soft music, plush comfy chairs. Perfect for breastfeeding a baby who is easily distracted. Thank you, Nordstroms, for providing a lovely spot for Mommas and babies.

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  1. That sounds like such fun! I wish I could have gone with you. I need to get on the ball and send a present I have for her. It would be perfect for the hot weather and she needs it before she outgrows it!


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