01 July 2010

Review: Blessed Nest Nursing Pillow

Blessed Nest 'The Nesting Pillow' in Kaleidoscope

My initial research in the area of nursing covers basically consisted of which color Boppy cover I would prefer. A chance review on Amazon.com, however, sent me looking in a new direction. Of all the items that we would be purchasing for Mini, the nursing pillow was one that I knew would have alot of baby time. This lead me to look into organic, health friendly options. Boppy offers an organic pillow cover. As one reviewer pointed out: the cover may be organic but the pillow is still filled with the sort of chemicals that you're most likely trying to avoid in purchasing an organic cover.

And so the search continued. I don't remember how I stumbled onto the Blessed Nest web site. It was probably the fateful result of a google search. After about 15 minutes on the site, I knew this was the pillow for me.
  • The half moon shape is perfect to mold around multiple body types. It drapes across the lap and can be adjusted to account for chair arms or someone sitting close by.
  • Organic cotton french terry. Gorgeous Harmony Arts organic cotton sateen or twill. And my favorite part- buckwheat hull fill. The buckwheat is similar to a bean bag chair when you're moving the pillow around to the most comfortable arrangement. When downward pressure is applied, the triangular shape of the hulls lock into each other to maintain the shape and provide support. Brilliance in nature!
  • The cover can be tossed in the washing machine and the canvas pillow can be spot cleaned and thrown in the dryer.
  • The Nesting Pillow was designed by a mom for a mom. Since I was about to join the Mom Club, it felt nice to support the team. I also like to support small businesses.
    • The combination of shape and filling make for a great fit. Postpartum tummy met it's match. The pillow can be molded around any shape, which is something that didn't quite work for me with the Boppy. The lactation consultant at the hospital said it was the nicest pillow she'd ever seen.
    • The flat top make it easy to keep baby where she needs to be while nursing and sleeping.
    • The pillow can be adjusted for cradle hold, with the elbow supported by the pillow. Or it can be plumped up to support a nursing baby head so Momma can use two hands for reading or eating or writing blog posts. This is also useful for hot, sweaty days when cradling a baby leads to sweaty baby and Momma. When E was short enough, it was great for keeping her high for a comfortable clutch hold.
    • The weight of the pillow makes it feel sturdy and prevents E from being able to push it away when it's cradling her during nap time.
    • This pillow has been used by Momma, Daddy, friends, and extended family members. It can be shaped around a sleeping baby to prevent them from rolling. It supports tired arms holding a sleeping baby. It supports tired arms that used to be holding a sleeping baby and now just need a break. It works as a lap top tray and a dinner table. It can prop a baby up to sit or help with tummy time. All on top of supporting a little one at just the right height to breastfeed.

    • The logo tag is placed on the terry portion of the cover. The edge of the label is rough against skin. I usually solve this problem by either keeping that face of the pillow down or face up by E's feet. The label could easily be removed, as well, if one were so inclined.
    • White french terry attracts dirt like a 4 year old boy. The terry is also prone to a bit of pulling. Neither of these things are structurally relevant. But I like when things stay pretty... as anyone who has ever borrowed one of my books knows well. 

      This is the single most useful baby product we own. It has been used multiple times a day, every day, since E made her way out into the world. I can see this becoming a snuggle buddy for E when she's bigger. Love love love it.


      1. Owwwwwwww LOVE, LOVE, LOVE reading this and seeing the pictures of your sweetness in the blessed nest. I am proud to have some small part in their product. Cherish each moment.

      2. What brand/type of cloth diapers are you using? Is that a Thirsties cover in the fourth photo?

        My brother loves the Boppy for holding Elsa or putting his laptop closer to him. I agree that your pillow sounds way nicer than a regular Boppy. I am too cheap to buy another pillow at this point, but I'll remember this for next time...

      3. We use Thirsties and Bummis diaper covers. That is a Thirsties Duo in the picture. We use a diaper service for our prefolds since we have a common coin laundry for our apartment building.


      On that thought...

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