10 July 2010

Don't want to forget...

 Vintage E. 20 days old.

For the first couple months, when you were nervous, your chin would quiver.
When you were about 4 weeks old, Daddy and I had a very serious discussion about what was more perfect: your lips or your ears.
In the hospital, your cry sounded like you were an old lady smoker.
You can sleep through jack hammers but not sneezes.
You started standing at less than a month old. It would happen when I tried to burp you. Your head would go on my shoulder and then you'd stand your lower half up on the nursing pillow and shake your little booty. We're got video footage to show at your wedding
Of course we've got some time until then because Daddy thinks we shouldn't let you start dating til you're 35.

Love you!

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  1. I had forgotten about the chin quiver! I'm almost sad she lost it.


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