16 July 2010

Working Girls

Today E came to work with Momma.

I woke up at 6 with an awful migraine so I called into work to let them know I'd be late. I took some Advil and headed back to bed. E had actually stretched out into my spot so I slept at the foot of the bed for about 20 minutes. It was easier than potentially waking the baby! I finally heard her stirring so I navigated my way back to the right position in bed and nursed her, both of us quickly falling back asleep.

By the time we got up for the day at 9:30 I realized that I was either going to get a really short work day or Daddy would have to skip work today to watch the girl. So the new plan was that I would bring E with me, Bumbo and play gym in tow.

On Fridays my office finishes at 11:30 so I figured by the time I got in, there would be very few people left and therefore no one would be greatly disturbed by baby noises coming from my cube.

We made it in at 11:45 and E worked her charm on the few people remaining. We set up her paraphernalia and got started. We did the bumbo. We did the gym. We did bouncing on Momma's lap. I was able to get an hour of work done before E got hungry/wet/hot. I nursed/wrestled her to tide her over for the ride home, changed her into a clean outfit, took 18 trips up and down the steps to reload her stroller and finally loaded her into the car.

She then proceeded to scream from Sherman Oaks to Eagle Rock before falling asleep. My child does not do hot, apparently. Dear So Cal- please stop being so ridiculously warm. Thanks.

All in all, not bad for a first try. She's still asleep and I get to eat lunch. Next time I'll have to do this on a day when it's not 95° out.

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