24 July 2010

Swedish design makes E hungry...

Ignore my pasty arms. Ignore my chubby arms. Focus, instead, on the fact that I have several baby hickeys on my arm.
Today we headed to IKEA to pick out a crib for our little girl. She's grown too tall for her hammock and we are rapidly running out of room on our grownup bed. For most of the trip, she cuddled with Daddy in her wrap but as we were checking out, she declared that she was done with that. So I took her into my arms. Immediately she put her open mouth on my arm. This is not an unusual occurrence- she likes to put her mouth on shoulders and necks... any available body part, really.

Except this time she was sucking. Hard.

Guess she was hungry. All that modern design really takes it out of a baby.

I found some comfy couches in a waiting area and sat down to nurse her. I didn't have a nursing top so I used the wrap for coverage. I got the side eye from several ladies, whom I ignored. When you're showing more cleavage than I have bosoms total, don't judge me for nursing my child in public.
We've set up the crib side car to our own so that I can still have an easy reach to nurse E in the  night but we don't get kicks or tickles from the munchkin. Or Munskin, as my Grandma calls her. The Munson Munchkin.

So does anyone have a good hickey remedy?

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