17 July 2010

5 Months Old!

Dear Evelyn,
I can't quite believe that 5 months have already passed since you were born. At this time 5 months ago, we were in the delivery room, waiting for your arrival.
  • Your hair has a mind of it's own. It's always wildly and raucously curly about your head. Or standing straight out. Or both. It's also growing in blonder and blonder. It seems like every time we wash your hair, it dries lighter.
  • You've become an expert roller. This past week you even became an ambi-turner. Up until then you would only roll to your right. Once on your tummy, however, you get frustrated because a) you can't get the whole blanket/toy in your mouth and b) you want to be crawling already.
  • Sitting has become the "it" thing. We prop you up and you proudly sit up. You enjoy sitting on laps, on tables, in the gym, in the bath. Until you notice your toes anyway. Then it's always a big decision: bring them up to my face to chew on or lean over to chew on?
  • Speaking of chewing, that's pretty much the cat's meow. If you can get your hands on it, you'd like to see how it would do for a good nom-nom-nom.
  • Your vocabulary has expanded to "hmmm", "muh", squeals, and grunts. We've tried to explain that grunts aren't terribly lady-like but you don't seem to mind.
  • After each diaper change you want to stand on the changing pad and say hello to each of your owls. Daddy Owl. Mommy Owl. Evelyn Owl. Daddy Owl is your favorite and you tell him your best stories.
  • We've started doing bath time in the big tub, which is great for splashing. You think it might be fun to drink the water but we try to discourage that. Sometimes Daddy takes you in the shower and you enjoy sticking your hands under the spray of water.
  • You love when we use the phone. When you see the display light up and and "ring" on speaker phone, you smile and wiggle. And then you try to put the phone in your mouth. Occasionally you seem rather concerned that Daddy's voice is coming out of that thing in Momma's hand. Where is he hiding, anyway?!
  • Your best baby friend is Jackson. You roll on the floor together. You like the same toys.
  • Your favorite toys right now are your pink polka-dotted puppy, your baby doll, Sophie the giraffe and any blankets or burp clothes you can get your hands on. Your terry cloth bunny and flower rattle are good in the car. And the tray to your Bumbo seat is good, with toys or without.
  • You stay home with Daddy in the mornings while Momma goes to work and you two are such good friends. You enjoy playing with Daddy so much that sometimes it distracts you when you're trying to nurse- hold on a second, Momma, gotta make sure my friend is still here!
  • After the Farmer's Market each Saturday, we go to the park and watch all the kids playing on the playground. You love rolling around under the big shady tree and practicing your play noises.
Love you, Baby Girl! Wonder who you'll become this next month...


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    1. Awww.
      If Elsa is any indication, lady-like behavior is a distant horizon. :o)
      Evelyn sounds so sweet, and I'm looking forward to meeting her. I hope that it's soon!


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