17 August 2010

6 Months!

Dear Evelyn,

Wow! Six months. Half a year. Next thing I know, you're going to be heading to Kindergarten! It has been such a treat watching you blossom and grow. You're a bit of a goof, a bit of a flirt and curious about the world around you.
  • You prefer to be sitting or standing. None of this silly laying on the floor. That's for babies... When you do deign to allow us to leave you on your back, you are quite the little roller.
  • You make the occasional consonant sounds. M's and b's. Mostly, however, you growl and yell. It's very lady-like, dear girl. Sometimes Momma growls and yells back and we laugh and laugh together. Your Daddy believes that some of your yells are so high pitched that only dogs can hear you.
  • Bath time remains a favorite activity. We use the big tub and either Momma or Daddy goes in with you. We are teaching you how to float on your back but you aren't thrilled about getting water in your ears. Sometimes we give you some bath toys and you use them to splash like crazy and make loads of noise banging them on the side of the tub. If you are sitting on Momma's lap, you can pull yourself up into a stand with the rim of tub.
  • You usually scream through your bedtime diaper change because you know that when we're done, it's time to eat. 'Why do we have to do this silly diaper thing! I want to be eating NOW!'
  • You still chat with your owls after each diaper change. You yell with delight and your whole body quivers with excitement.
  • Favorite toys right now include cold teething rings, the plastic monkey, the tag on any of your toys but mostly the tag on the pink and white puppy, and Sophie the Giraffe.
  • The bassinet from your stroller has become a great playpen. It allows you to sit up with out the worry of falling over. It also keeps all your best toys close at hand.
  • You love the baby in the mirror. And you love when the baby in the mirror shows up on Momma's computer.
  • Daddy is pretty much the best person ever right now. And you always wonder why other Daddy's don't have a great beard like his.
  • You sleep in a crib now. It's right next to Momma and Daddy's bed so you know your safe. Up until now you've always fallen asleep for the night being rocked in someones arms or nursing. This past week we've been able to help you fall asleep right in the crib! When your tummy is nice and full, the sound machine and projector are turned on and you are put on your back in the crib. You watched the images on the ceiling and kick your legs. Eventually you end up on your tummy and Momma rubs your back and sings until your little eyes close.
  • For a few weeks, you would hold your arms above your head and expect Momma or Daddy to say 'SO big'.
  • You've almost outgrown your infant car seat. Soon it will be time to buy a convertible seat for you. We'll find out for sure tomorrow how much time we have until you are 30" tall.
  • Grandma M and Daddy taught you how to stick you tongue out. It's such an adorable little tough!
  • We're pretty sure you are going to pop some teeth any time now. Chewing has become an all consuming passion. Sometimes you even chew on Momma's shoulders and her cheeks. Good thing you're cute!
We love you, Punkinator!



  1. How is it possible she's six months old? I swear just yesterday, we were on pins and needles for three weeks straight, waiting for her to show up. She sure was worth the wait! :)

  2. What a milestone.... half a year! Can't wait to give her a hug :)


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