31 October 2009

An Owl's Nest

I think I've finally gotten to the "nesting" portion of the pregnancy. I've started some baby craft projects- I've got the initial design for birth announcements and I've just completed some artwork to hang by the changing table. Inspired by the adorable owl print (by Corina Nielsen) in our blog, I used my paper cutting technique- thank you, Visual Design I and II- to create an owl family. I'm also considering an appliqué owl pillow and maybe a lampshade but I don't want to be too matchy-matchy. We'll see.

Daddy Owl

Mommy Owl

Baby Owl


  1. So cute! It turned out just like I thought it would. I think you should do an applique pillow. These owls kind of lend themselves to it!

  2. Very cute, indeed! I don't think it'd be too matchy matchy if you did a few other things with the same thing. Now if you went to a wallpaper border and bedding and a onesie... then maybe. :o)


On that thought...

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