14 September 2010

All alone in Pasadena

Matthew here.

The girls are off on a grand adventure on the Other Coast. B and E (wife and daughter, not the crime) went to visit family - not everyone was able to make it out to see us when E was born. So far, it sounds like they're having a good time.

Grampa is a favorite person, which makes me happy. Apparently, most kids shy away from him since he's tall and bearded and has a deep boomy voice. As luck would have it, I'm tall and bearded and have a deep boomy voice, so he's a good Daddy substitute!

It's weird to be here on my own. After the constant busy-ness that has been our world since E was born, it's strange to come home to an empty house and have it be devoid of activity and noise. I spent the weekend up at Big Bear Lake with some friends from church on a ministry team retreat, so the first couple days I wasn't home and was busy. Now that I've come back to the routine, it's certainly strange. I realized on Sunday that I hadn't held a baby for more than 24 hours - that hasn't happened since E was born!

I'm excited for the girls to come home. I'm getting good work done, but I like my family more than work (go figure).

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