21 September 2010

Evelyn's First Pet

Evelyn got a pet today.

She found it all by herself.

She was laying on the floor between our bedroom and the bathroom, happily smacking the vinyl floor. Then she spotted... an ant! Using her ultra-precision pincher grip, she picked it up and put it where she could see it better. Amazingly, she didn't squish it, so it started to run away.

Squealing with delight at a toy that moves on its own, she proceeded to pick up the ant multiple times and to place it where she thought it looked best with the bathroom decor.

After a while, the game was boring and she went back to smacking the the vinyl floor.

Goodbye pet. It was fun while it lasted.


  1. Hahaha, oh my goodness! Who said new toys have to be fancy and expensive?!

  2. Good thing it wasn't that black widow that was hanging out in your front yard last year. :)

  3. I hope people realize that the "goodbye pet" indicated she'd squished it by banging her hand on the floor...


On that thought...

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