29 September 2010

Vacation: Day 1

Our trip to the Rhode Island started with the plane. A lovely Grandma arranged for E and I to be upgraded to an aisle seat with extra leg room. We arrived at LAX at about 7pm to give us plenty of time to check in and get through security with a little one. The process was easier than expected- no crowds, no lines. I've never made it to my gate that early for a flight!

E was a darling on the plane. She flirted with the flight attendants. She befriended our row mate, an Indian grandmother literally flying around the world to visit her grandkids. She was awake for most of the flight, to excited to sleep. We left LAX at 9:20pm. We arrived in BOS at 5:45am. E fell asleep at 4:15am.

Grandma and Grandpa P were waiting for us (well, mostly E) at the baggage claim. Hugs all around, luggage gathered, and we were on our way home. At 7:30 or so, I finally was able to crawl into bed and get some sleep, snuggled up to my little girl. I've realized I'm getting far to old to stay up for 24 hours straight.

I woke up at 12:30 to prepare for the 'Meet The Baby' BBQ starting at 1. Guests arrived and E slept through the first hour. Being so cute on the flight apparently really took it out of her! She finally made it to her party and thoroughly enjoyed being the star of the day.
'I just woke up. Have I missed the party, Sandra?'

Yay for cousins! Thrilled to meet Nora, your first cousin once removed :)

Momma has know Chantal since she was 8 weeks old. Now E gets to know her!

Showing off your standing with Bonnie.

Meeting Shara and Lillian. Finally, someone your size!

Playing with your bestest pal of the week, Grandpa P.

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