27 September 2010

7 Months Old! (A little late)

Dear Evelyn,

You are growing and blossoming into a lovely little girl.You're a flirt. You have a beautiful smile that always makes other people smile. You're a seasoned traveler. You love your Momma and Daddy and we love you right back.
    • You've started to clap. It developed from waving your arms. You wave them whenever you get excited and now you've figured out that you can clap too. You very much enjoy clapping and do it frequently.
    • Momma accidentally got a mom haircut. She fixes the back with both her hands and you've started copying her. Two hands go behind your head and you smooth it forward.
    • Because of your Daddy, you love tall men with beards and glasses. These are usually the type that make babies cry but not you. It's adorable to watch you melt hearts. Your Grandma P is very much smitten with you.
    • You have three chub rolls on each upper thigh alone. You are such a healthy, beautiful baby.
    • You're wearing 9 month size clothes but even those are starting to get snug. Momma is going to have to break out the 12 months clothes soon!
    • Social Baby would be on your resume, if you had one. You especially love other babies and kids. You are going to be a wonderful big sister someday!
    • Favorite toys include the caps to the Medela bottles Momma pumps milk into, your cell phone (Momma's old one), the frog jumper, Momma's hair, and anything that Momma or Daddy have.
    • You've started giving Momma hickeys while she's sleeping. She keeps waking up with red makes on her arms.
    •  One little tooth has popped through on your bottom gums. You've been very behaved and haven't bitten Momma while nursing too often.
    • Vocabulary includes 'a-ma-ma-ma', 'a-da-da-da', and a 'ng' sound that reminds Momma and Daddy of Ahn-Nyeong from Arrested Development.
    • Traveling with you has been a breeze. You get loads of compliments from fellow travelers. The real metal spoon in first class on the way home from Grandma and Grandpa P's house was your favorite toy.
    Everyday you're a new little lady. Love you 'de tout mon coeur'.


      1. The picture with the shades is just too much! I am so blessed to be Auntie to this funny girl.

      2. I've been told this was a lucky picture. Four seconds later, the sunglasses were being eaten.

      3. Look at that little Diva with the cool shades on! I'd love to see a picture of her doing her hair like you.


      On that thought...

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