22 October 2010

8 Months Old!

Dear Evelyn,

Another month full of new discoveries has come and gone. It's hard to capture your little personality in a post on a blog but here's a little taste of who you are right now:
  • You sing with Momma. One of us will sing a note and the other will match it. Usually Momma matches your notes but sometimes you follow her.
  • Waving your arms and clapping your hands are signs of delight. You copy others when they clap too.
  • Overnight you've become a crawling machine. You are incredibly stealthy about it too. One moment I'll see you in one part of the house and suddenly I discover you in a completely different locale.
  • You have two teeth (on the bottom) and we've started on solids. You like bananas and sweet potatoes the best and pears are okay too. We're doing our best to teach you healthy eating habits because both sides of the family have a tendency to be heavy.
  • You are starting to wear size 12 months clothes when we go out and about. When we are home, you usually just hang out in your diaper!
  • You enjoy being in your crib during the day- you look between the bars to see the baby in the mirror and you practice pulling up to stand. 
  • You don't think sleeping in your crib is a great idea. It usually takes a few tries to get you to sleep for the night. You'll sleep for an hour or so and wake up, irritated that we've put you in the crib. Once you've settle down for the night, you sleep about 5 hours before waking up to nurse and cuddle with Momma. We cuddle together for several hours until it's time to get up for the day.
  • Your Grandpa P came to visit and you loved his beard and untying his shoes.
  • Momma stays at home with you now instead of going to work. It's taken some time for you to adjust your routine from when Daddy stayed home with you in the mornings.
  • You are becoming so active that we haven't taken nearly as many pictures as usual. Loads of video, however, are available to document your crawls and stands!
  • You prefer toys that belong to Momma and Daddy but when those aren't available you like your wooden puzzles, ladles, and the toys from your play gym. You've started to display a preference for orange toys. You enjoy playing under Momma's desk because it's just your size.
  • You love bath time. You've perfected splashing and you sometimes try to sneak sips of water.
  • The infant car seat has been replaced with a big girl seat. You've gotten so big!
You're such a wonderful little girl, even when you're cranky and don't want to go to sleep.We love you to the moon and back!


  1. How cute that she likes orange toys best. She looks like she is ready to go shopping in that pic!

  2. The pigtails! I can't handle it!


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