10 March 2012

Recent Adventures

The first major adventure was moving from California to Pennsylvania, with a 2 month layover in Rhode Island. Los Angeles to Amish country has been quite a culture shock but we're loving it here. The air is clean, even if it smells like cow when it rains, and it's wonderfully quiet. Driving is a new experience as we deal with country roads with high speed limits, occupied by horses and carts. People are friendly and the widespread use of common courtesy is a welcome change. Fashion is 10 to 15 years behind schedule but people do try.

The second major adventure is ongoing: E is going to become a big sister this summer! We are expecting Mini 2 at the beginning of July. E is very excited about the baby in Mommy's tummy and talks to him/her through Mommy's belly button.

This go around will be a little different as we are delivering at a birth center instead of a hospital. When I go into labor, we will be driving past Amish farms rather than crossing LA to Beverly Hills. There is even horse/cart parking at the birth center. There is also a high risk component to this pregnancy, thanks to the Grave's Disease I was diagnosed with when E was 6 months old. Monthly screenings at a high risk OB will help to make sure the new baby is as healthy as possible.

As we're taking these next steps, I'll do my best to keep up with the entries. So much is happening and I'd love for our children to be able to look back and read this someday :)

Cheers from the east coast!

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