10 March 2012

Two Years Old!

Two years ago today, you came into our life! I'm having trouble believing that that much time has gone by. I'm also having trouble believing it's only been two years. I feel like I've known you much longer than that.

You have too many words to list. You use basic sentences and paragraphs to talk about the world around you and the things you imagine. We often hide from dinosaurs and talk about how you'll ride a horse when you're bigger.

You received a Little People Nativity set for Christmas and it's one of your very favorite toys. You also love books about the Christmas story. We talk about Baby Chee-a (Jesus), Mahyee (Mary), and Jofor (Joseph) quite a bit. Sometimes when you learn new things, you talk about how they did them too. Riding along in the car one day  you announced that 'Mahyee fart. Jofor fart, too'.

You love singing and requesting songs to be sung to you. Favorites include 'Holy, Holy, Holy', 'Away in a Manger', 'Tomorrow', 'Sugar Sugar', 'Little Green Frog', and 'Little Baby Jesus'. 'Pete's Dragon' has become a favorite movie (moo-bee) and you love singing along to 'I love you, too' and 'Candle on the water'.

You are proud to be a 'big girl' and think it's neat that you can tell people how old you are with your fingers.

When someone asks you your name, you respond with, 'I'm me!'

Love you more than a mouse loves cheese,

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