03 November 2009

Birthing Class Tonight!

We have our birthing class tonight. It's funny, but I actually really enjoy them. Kathy, the lady who teaches the class, has so much information... it's kind of like drinking from a hose. I think it's really going to help eliminate a lot of the fear that comes from uncertainty when this little one finally arrives.

Speaking of, I'm really eager to meet our little guy (or girl). Every once in a while I have the thought "I'm going to be a parent!" It stops me in my tracks, then there's a moment of sheer and utter terror, and then the world is right again. I know it won't always be easy, but most everyone I know says that it's worth it. Those that do nothing but complain irritate me, so I ignore them.

Ok. Back to work for me. I'm getting tired of staring at code all day, but I'm almost finished with this and then can get back to doing real experiments!

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  1. We have those same moments. We were shopping for cribs this weekend and suddenly it was like oh, we are actually buying a crib for our child!!! Stops you in your tracks:)



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