22 September 2010

At 5 o'clock a.m. Pacific Time...

'Hi! Wanna play?!'

This morning, in the wee hours, before the sun has gotten a chance to light up our room, I was awakened by baby giggles. E has been spending most of the night in her crib and ending the night cuddled between Momma and Daddy. Usually because Momma falls asleep to fast after feeding her.

Anyhow, E was giggling and talking to herself. When she saw my eyes open there were squeals of delight. And when I sat her up, you would have thought she'd won the baby lottery. She reached over and patted Daddy's back. She drummed on the pillows. She clapped and waved her arms. I brought her with me to the bathroom (we've got a serious case of separation anxiety going on) and she played on the rug with a hand towel. Who needs real toys anyway?

We got back to bed and cuddled in. She checked to make sure Daddy was still there and, after a quick nurse, fell asleep hugging his back. Adorable! Three hours later she woke up again, pleased with the world. I think we've created a morning person.

I realize I've been a bad story teller and haven't shared the details of our trip to the East Coast. I promise that will come soon, along with E's 7 month letter, and a post that I thought of last night that I've completely forgotten the title of. I know it will be good though! :)

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