06 June 2012

36 weeks!

How far along? 36 weeks
Total weight gain: 30lbs
Sleep: Okay once I get there. It's hard to find a comfortable position with a giant belly and sore hips.
Movement: We've got a great little mover which is reassuring. Thanks to my thyroid issues, we're at an increased risk for a stillbirth so I've had weekly NSTs and I keep track of movements everyday. Whenever I feel like there hasn't been enough movement, I take a cold drink and relax in the recliner. I usually get the expected 6-10 movements in under 30 minutes (ideally, you want at least that many movements in 1 hour).
Stretch Marks: In the process of taking over my belly.
Belly Button: Still in. Still deeper than it was with my first pregnancy. I also started this pregnancy 40lbs heavier though.
Best Moment this week: Daddy and Evelyn playing dolls.
What I miss: Energy. And beer.
What I am looking forward to: The arrival of my new nursing pillow and being full term next week.

For comparison: 36 weeks with E

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